All new! Friday meets Monday!😍

As promised! introducing Friday meets monday!.

There is how people expect you to dress up on a Friday, guess what? Friday wants to meet Monday! 🤭

Breakout of the TGIF only attitude that makes you look forward to only weekends!😁

If the Friday dress will set the mood for the last day of work? well then let Friday meet Monday!😎

everyday is a great day! make everyday count.

Thank God its Monday!!!! see my Friday meets Monday outfit bel😍w

Have a productive week😎!

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What’s your definition of work dress?

Is there a Friday dress or a Monday dress?

A friend saw my WhatsApp status of me in an ankara shirt and said it would be “sweeter on weekends -Fridays” and I asked who’s ideology is that?… I am still waiting a response till now😄

A lot of people have equated ankara to causal dress….why???

I feel its high time we got comfortable with our indigenous fabric.

Corporate work dress is largely about the style and not so much about the fabric.

Work clothes should be smart to enable ease of work.

You don’t want to wear a dinner dress to work do you? Or a swim suit … no…..

When ankara is used to sew a shirt it becomes corporate says Bowlar!…😎

Bowlar shirts is redefining the work dress culture 😎

Yayyyyyyy!…No more boring mondays with Bowlar shirts!

watch out for all new! “fridaymeetsmonday!” 😍

Check out my Happy Monday dress for the day below!

Happy new year! :) Happy Monday 😎😁!

We made it! One my New year resolutions is to make sure I sew at least one new dress weekly. I will be sharing the pictures here and possibly some accompanying stories 😊.

We keep moving and making progress.

Till Bowlar becomes a household name…So to start this year I introduce “Happy Monday collections!!!”😁 of Bowlar shirts,The idea is to help working people anticipate the dreaded😒 Monday.No more boring Mondays with Bowlar shirts….yayyyy!.When you think of Mondays and you remember you will be rocking that beautiful, smart, gorgeous Bowlar shirt, it gives you the right spirit, enthusiasm, excitement…. You are Ready for work😁

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Overlap dress

I discovered that  i get more motivated to finish a dress when i have an occasion to wear it to. (humm not so nice)

So…, it was my sis’ baby dedication 🙂 and I had this burda style pattern “Overlap Dress 09/2017 #116B” lying in my room for quite a while.

I got all the motivation, squeezed out all the time needed and voila!

Its a combination of ankara and denim. 🙂 cool huh. who says denim should be a stand alone :)… i should consider denim and lace lol…..

Happy new year folks….. 🙂


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I grew up loving to sew. I always noticed the seams on dresses, trying to see how it how it was joined to make the dress. That was as early as my secondary school days. So i actually made my first dress while I was in SS3  I think….  with needle n thread 🙂 it was lovely but looked more like a run way dress so i did not wear it out.

Well, the space between after secondary school and uni i went to train in a tailors shop and that was where i got my first formal training. I started out sewing paper lol. did paper skirts n children dress with paper. i learnt very fast cos of course the interest was there.  Well that’s how i started. While in uni did little or nothing on sewing but yeah i made a bag with ankara i recall i did all night on that bag and guess what? after making the bag it was taken by the school. Well after NYSC i sort of  started sewing  more seriously. The story continues…. I uploaded some of my works  on check them out… beautiful dress   click here and a dinner gown also here

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Bola’s day loading….

I noticed that i usually would need an occasion before i get motivated to sew. And if you know me personally i sort of have routine life so no outing as such…thanks to my amazing job!  but i would looove to sew….

well… i got a great idea! Friday is now  officially my occasion day….bola’s day. It’s my day to dress up with Bolasews‘ outfit so, as long as there is a Friday in the week i have an occasion to sew for and I am forever motivated! yippee!!!

Expect a new post on 18.08.17… Have a fabulous week.


This month i have decided to work on creating skirts. Expect pictures soon. 🙂