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When your favourite dress gets burnt! while ironing it!…. cont… BolaSews

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When your favourite dress gets burnt! while ironing it!

Has it happened to you before?, getting ready to go out and your dress gets burnt! while ironing it. Your favorite dress!.. what did you do with the dress afterwards?pressing iron

Mine was a black top, lovely top, could wear it to work, church…. Tucked into my favorite deep blue skirt, sometimes with my cream colored pants and a black jacket with black n white jewelry 🙂 … ahhh but its no more….

So here’s what I did… Continue reading

Yayyy! Boxers for men!

So, Just like I promised, here is it is…. Using the same pattern  for “Boxer Shorts for all” I made some changes- reduced the hip size, no pockets, added fly! (oops!) yet to add buttons to fly!) …

oh well, here we go…….! 🙂

Boxers for men

Boxers for men

Boxer Shorts for all !!!


Boxer Shorts

Call it female boxers, bum shorts anything you like to call it. Mind you it’s to be worn indoors only… yeah it’s got pockets at the back and front 😀 for my mobile phones 🙂 and any other thing that comes up.

This project was inspired by a friend who asked me  to make boxers for him and I got me making one for myself first, I’m on his own now will publish shortly Oops  sorry friend 😉 emm.. I mean thanks! 🙂

See pattern here.

Happy New Month!

Its a month of New beginning 🙂 . I hope to blog about my sewing projects as often as I can. No more procrastinations!. Welcome to my blog 🙂