When your favourite dress gets burnt! while ironing it!

Has it happened to you before?, getting ready to go out and your dress gets burnt! while ironing it. Your favorite dress!.. what did you do with the dress afterwards?pressing iron

Mine was a black top, lovely top, could wear it to work, church…. Tucked into my favorite deep blue skirt, sometimes with my cream colored pants and a black jacket with black n white jewelry 🙂 … ahhh but its no more….

So here’s what I did…

I duplicated it!!!.. Now, I have my top back!, same style but now its an orange and white polka dot!. lol. Still can be worn with my blue skirt… Sorry could not take  pictures of it today but pictures coming soon…

There’s a proverb that says “if a kings house gets burnt its just an opportunity to renovate the palace!”

stop mourning that burnt dress, ripped dress, stained dress…get on your sewing machine and duplicate it! 🙂


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